Age is Really Just a Number

I went to a step class today at the local community centre.  Feeling a little nostalgic since the last time I went to a step class was 25 years ago.  I enjoyed step classes in my 20s, and always thought it was a good workout. I stopped going because I wanted to try other activities. But this miserable, wet winter got me thinking about indoors classes again. 

During the class, I was overjoyed to discover that muscle memory in fact exists. I was able to follow along well for most part. The difference is that the instructor now incorporates weight and strength training into step classes. I loved i

After class, I was feeling great and felt like I had just ran a 10K race. The instructor was looking as if she didn’t even move. To my surprise, I found out the instructor is 72 years old, and she’s been teaching for over 30 years.  So she is 20 years older than me, and she just kicked my arse in class. How wonderful is that?  Another proof that age is only a number. 

I’ve been telling everyone age is just a number. But it’s so hard for some folks to get over that. The society has us believing that over 50 is over the hill:  Senior discounts starts at 55, mature adult fitness classes start at 55, and cosmetics companies are adamant that you must use some special potion if you are over 40!  Yet I know so many people who defy the numbers and look 20 years younger than their chronological age without plastic surgery.

As an anti-aging and functional medicine practitioner, I believe that if you take care of your body, mind and soul, you will not age as quickly. The key is lifestyle. 

Back to our fitness instructor.  Sometimes she teaches 3 classes a day, so lots of movement. She also eats very healthy. Although she doesn’t follow any particular diet, her philosophy is to eat only when you are hungry.  Eat mostly plants, some protein and fats, maybe a little carb.   Fitness is her passion. Doing what she loves means there is little work related stress. She also sleeps well as she has no stress, and the physical movement really helps to regulate her body rhythm. She told me she has a loving family and she visit often because she is so mobile. She didn’t expect herself to continue as a fitness instructor for so long, but why stop if she is enjoying it so much? 

Anti-aging is not about botox or fillers. A good lifestyle is the best anti-aging weapon you can have. For some folks, an injection of botox or filler just seems so much easier. But think about the consequences. Without proper support, your body will continue to deteriorate. Aging doesn’t only apply to the exterior, but internally as well. Even if botox and fillers can lift up your skin, they cannot lift up your body functions inside. And remember that skin is also an organ! 

I’d encourage everyone to start 2019 with the intention of living young. Embark on a journey to health, and be your own anti-aging expert everyday.  Age really is just a number!

Happy New Year to All! 

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