Are you Healthy and Thriving?

As a pharmacist, I see many patients on medications. Everyone puts on the best face and tries to look good. But when I ask how a patients, how do you feel? I often get a quick “I am ok”. And if I ask again, how do you really feel?  Then the patient often pause, then say “I am not sure. I have come to accept this is just how I am”.  If I dig deeper, the patient will usually tell me he or she used to have so much more vitality, and things are just not the same. 

Medications will help the body working to physiological normal range. e.g. blood pressure, blood sugar. But the medications will not necessarily make the person healthy, truly healthy.  If health continues to deteriorate, then the medication dosage will be increased or additional medications is required to control these measurable parameters. This is often how a 40 year old person ends up taking 5 different drugs. 

How can the body continue to deteriorate even with medications? Because we are not addressing the root cause of the disease. Until we find out what is causing the disease, it is very hard to reverse the course. And yes, some chronic diseases such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes are reversible. 

The root cause is often associated with our lifestyle. How we move, what we eat, how we eat, and how we sleep. These are the foundations for good health. Yet, when deciding on priorities, these are often the aspects that are placed low on the to do list.

At Medicus Wellness, our goal is to help you to thrive. Life shouldn’t be “just ok”. Let us will help you find the root cause(s) to your health concerns, and develop a plan to address the cause(s). 

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