How Can Functional Medicine Help You?

At Medicus Wellness, we embrace the Functional Medicine approach to restore health.  We listen to you and your history to  determine how and why issues occur.  Then together, we find  solutions to address the root causes of disease(s). This paradigm of medicine is systems-oriented, patient-focused, and evidence based.  

Rather than focusing solely on one specific malfunctioning organ, functional medicine examines the whole body and outside factors that are causing illness. This approach empowers you to work closely with your practitioners towards health and wellness. 

Many of our clients are not sick, but they want to live to their full potential; and this requires them to be at their optimal health.  We work with these cleints to determine potential issues before they happen so our clients can continue to be productive and thrive in life, no matter their age.

We believe medicine and health care should be individualized. Every person is different and have different issues.  We are committed to creating healthy communities, one person at a time. (opens in a new tab)

“As a functional medicine health consultant and clinical pharmacist, I understand integrative health solutions and conventional medicine. I can help you to find a new approach for your health concerns.”

 – Amy Ku, Medicus Wellness 

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